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Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 Book Reviews #6

A Father's Story by Lionel Dahmer

I think it's normal to view any event from the stage of life you are in. As I've gotten older, I view most events as a parent so it was interesting to read a book about a real life horror story written from a dad's perspective. I did feel at times like Mr. Dahmer was over analyzing events that happened in his son's young life. But then I also think that would be the normal thing to do - to look back for signs of what was to come and to try to figure out if there was anyway that it could have been avoided. He makes no excuses for his sons behavior, and in the end seems still as confused by it as most of us are. An interesting book.

Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman

The story of a woman who almost stumbles into a nomadic life. Ms Gelman finds herself in a marriage that is crumbling so she suggests a separation. To her surprise, not only is her husband in favor of it, but he thinks it should be for a longer amount of time. This sets Ms Gelman on a journey of travel as a nomad. She finds she can live on much less in the foreign countries she goes to. She sets about to not be a tourist but to be more of a citizen. A great true story that gives you a glimpse of places most of us will never see.

If Today Be Sweet by Thrity Umrigar

This book left me with a sort of bittersweet feeling. The story deals with a mother/mother-in-law who moves to America from India and lives with her "kids" and grandchild after the death of her husband. It covers her emotions and how she views things as wll as the daughter-in-law, husband and grandchild. There is also a second story of sorts as the boys next door are abused by their mom and the sort of culture clash that results. A multi-layered story that reminds us that the way we think things are, aren't always the way things are.

Bless Your Heart Tramp and Other Southern Endearments by Celia Rivenbark

This is one of my work-out books. It is a collection of short stories by a very funny woman. I didn't laugh as hard as I did when I read Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank, but still a funny book.

The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ by Randy D. Singer

This is a very well written, easy to understand book. In it Mr. Singer addresses not only the trial and death of Christ, but other events and teachings through the eyes of a lawyer. This is a very interesting perspective. Mr. Singer goes into the injustice and the character of Christ in such a way that it is hard to dispute that He truly is the Son of God. It is a convicting story that makes me realize how much was given for me and how unworthy I am. A very straight forward, inspiring, convicting read. It is an excellent read for anyone.

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