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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cheap Books

Check out Paperback Swap. This is a place to get rid of books you no longer want, and to get some new ones to read. Condensed version - you sign up and post 9 books. You then recieve 3 credits that can be used to order 3 books. (Each book is 1 credit whether paperback or hard cover. The exception - books on tape are 2 credits.) Your books are listed and can be ordered by others. Your cost is in mailing books that others order. These are sent Media Mail and most books cost $2.13 to send. When the person you sent a book to recieves it, you recieve a credit and the cycle continues.

If you sign up, use me as a reference (jantalk). If you do, I will recieve a credit, which I will return to you. So, you can get 4 credits to start your trading.

Be warned - this is an addictive site and you may find yourself at the post office more than ususal,, but it's well worth it.

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